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Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes

Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes

  • Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes
  • Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes
  • Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes
  • Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes
Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Upperbond
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: MK8/MK9
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: cartons
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000/ month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Nylon Brush Color: White
Machine: Making Machine Machine Model: Mark8,Mark9
Price Terms: EXW Type: Short Brush
MOQ: 20PCS Leadtime: One Week
High Light:

Mark 9 Nylon Wire Brushes


Cigarette Machine Nylon Wire Brushes


Cigarette Machine Wire Brushes




Cigarette Machines Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes








We are manufacturer of cigarette/tobacco machinery spare parts.

This nylon wire brush is used for cigarette making machines.








Nylon fiber has better performance than polyester fiber in terms of flexibility, elastic recovery rate, abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, moisture absorption and light weight, but its cost is about twice that of polyester fiber, and nylon 66 It is 20~40% higher than nylon 6, so the future development of nylon fiber and whether it can surpass polyester fiber is mainly to reduce the raw material cost. TThis raw material is new The process can save about one-third of the cost, which can reduce the price of nylon fiber and increase the competitiveness with polyester fiber. However, due to the high R&D cost of new process investment, it is estimated that it will take 9 to 10 years The profit and loss balance will be able to lower the price at that time. Therefore, the recent nylon fiber products must be improved with high added value and performance, so that they can compete with polyester fibers.








The following is an overview of the development and application trends of new nylon fibers :


1. Conductivity: In clothing and carpet applications, antistatic is one of the necessary properties. In the early days, polyether was added, but it was not ideal at low temperatures. Recently, conductive particles such as carbon black can be coated or internally added to eliminate static electricity. The use of this in carpets has rapidly expanded.


2. High-strength and high-modulus fiber: The cord used in tire cord has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus and fatigue resistance. As polyamide molecular bonds form a folded structure, currently nylon 66 and nylon 6 The actual strength and modulus of the polyamide fiber only reach 10% of the theoretical value. Therefore, liquid crystal spinning has been developed. The "kevler" fiber developed and mass-produced by Dubang Company is an aromatic polyamide fiber. The modulus can reach 90% of the theoretical value.


3. Silk-like material for clothing and apparel: The fiber for clothing and apparel requires a comfortable and delicious appearance. In addition to the above-mentioned anti-static, it needs to improve gloss, softness and moisture absorption, and increase the gloss for the improvement of gloss. The additive amount of titanium dioxide is 2~3% to achieve a dull effect similar to cotton fiber. It has a luster similar to silk spun with bright particles and a triangular or star-shaped section. Because the elastic recovery rate of nylon fiber is higher than that of polyester fiber Good, and its modulus (Yangdi coefficient) is low, so it has a softer and richer touch. Nylon blends with different shrinkage rates (such as 40d/68f+30d/12f high shrinkage), the fabric after dyeing and finishing The surface of 0.6d thin denim, so the fabric has a soft luster and soft hand, the fine denim nylon improves the softness of the fabric, and the different shrinkage blending improves the richness and vividness of the fabric, so in the future, nylon The fiber processing of fiber must develop toward this trend.


4. Lightweight new nylon material: nylon fiber is lighter than polyester, so the fabric has the characteristics of lightness. If it is spun with a hollow section, the fiber will have a lighter feel, and it will have a better fluffy feel after processing, and it has heat preservation Therefore, how to develop nylon fibers with high hollow ratio is an important research and development topic for nylon fiber factories.


5. New elastic composite material: Composite spinning is a two-component composite fiber with pu elastic fiber as the core and nylon as the sheath. It has both the high elasticity of pu and the lightness of nylon. It will show natural crimp after heat treatment. Therefore, the fabric has good elasticity and comfort and has a natural transparent skin color effect, so it is suitable for women's underwear and super elastic tights.


6. New waterproof and breathable material: It is made of nylon 6 or nylon 66 and polyester composite spinning, and its cross section is segment pie, which is the so-called segmented shape. If the number of divisions is increased, the waterproof and breathability of the fabric will increase. The current production technology has reached 64 divisions.


7. Antibacterial and deodorant material: A special ceramic material is mixed in the nylon spinning process, which will release a small amount of silver ions to achieve a good antibacterial effect. The mixing method can improve the antibacterial durability. The fiber is processed, After weaving, dyeing and finishing, the antibacterial property will not be broken and the antibacterial effect can be maintained after at least 50 times of washing.





Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes 0Mark 9 Cigarette Machine Spare Parts White Nylon Wire Brushes 1


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